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Property ‘disappear’ from missing French citizens’ house

Miss Brigitte Meny.Miss Brigitte Meny.

MYSTERY continues to surround the disappearance of two French citizens from their house at Matemwe Village in Zanzibar, police have said.

As police continue the search for the two individuals, Miss Brigitte Meny 59 and Mr François Cherrier 62, property in the house Meny lived has been stolen by unknown people as neighbours attribute the development to witchcraft.

Police authorities still have little information on the whereabouts of the duo that disappeared without a trace more than a month ago.

Contacted by the ‘Daily News,’ the North Unguja Regional Police Commander (RPC), Khalfan Mohammed Msangi said the individuals’ sudden disappearance has baffled friends and investigators.

He told the ‘Daily News’ that police had received official communication from the immigration department that the two individuals did not leave the country.

“We have received communication from the immigration after combing all exit points that these two individuals did not leave the country from anywhere,” he said. “At this point, we’re treating it like missing persons investigation,” he said.

One of the neighbours told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday that the first day they moved into the house with the police, the television set had disappeared. On entering the house again on Saturday, the refrigerator had been removed.

“We could not even trace anything like her handbags or passports. But the car is parked in there,” he said. “I pray she’s still alive,” another friend told the ‘Daily News’.

A number of people who were previously in Bridget’s life are also said to have disappeared ever since she went missing, including young men who used to work for her.

“Our Regional Security Officer, as a crime buster, has been on the ground and any information we receive will be very important in this investigation,” North Unguja Regional Police Commander (RPC), Khalfan Mohammed Msangi said.

He said police are still collecting evidence to find out whether there is foul play or not. Another friend said Brigitte has not withdrawn any money from her bank account since she went missing, he added.

One of the neighbours to Miss Brigitte in Matemwe who preferred anonymity spoke to the ‘Daily News,’ saying that both individuals are missing and they registered their presence in the country at the Embassy of France in Dar es Salaam in April, last year.

An interesting twist to events since her disappearance include neighbours having found her dog dead in one of the rooms in the house, but without details as to her whereabouts and that of her colleague.